ICL provides an ongoing forum for mature adults who have a mutual interest in intellectual stimulation and cultural enrichment.

The Institute for Continuing Learning is constantly seeking and in need of good instructors who are willing to share their experience and expertise with our membership. There are no “requirements” for teaching credentials or past experience. If you have a passion for any particular subject and would like to tell others about it, please join us! If you are interested, please click the link below.

— November 2021 —

The Winter Bulletin will be posted in December.   Classes run from January 18 through March 14.

Please note, there are different COVID precautions for individual classes.  The precautions are in red and posted directly under each class description.

There are 2 Zoom classes and 3 simulcast classes offered in the fall. 

Please keep your Zoom program up to date. Zoom is constantly enhancing and improving the program!

We will do everything we can to make this online event secure and enjoyable.  As always, please send us an email (icl@yhc.edu) if you have any questions. 

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support of ICL at Young Harris College.

 The ICL Board


ICL is affiliated with Young Harris College, which provides facility space and general resources for ICL program delivery.    Course offerings, instructors, and opinions expressed therein do not reflect the view of Young Harris College.