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Institute for Continuing Learning

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ICL Mission Statement

The not-for-profit Institute for Continuing Learning strives to meet the dynamic needs of our community by providing an intellectual and cultural forum which inspires mature adults to learn and discover.

What is ICL?

The Institute for Continuing Learning (ICL) is an adult education program affiliated with Young Harris College in North Georgia. The curriculum is structured to appeal to a diverse population from the physically active to the seriously studious or to those simply seeking a little socializing and a learning experience.  

In order to participate in ICL classes you must be a member of ICL.  The annual membership is only $30 and depending on the course hours, course fees are usually $15 to $30 per course.

ICL offers a new series of subjects each quarter that lasts for 8 weeks and roughly conform to the Young Harris College academic calendar.  The Institute's curriculum committee continually reviews members' interests and expands the curriculum accordingly.

Join Today!

Calling All Instructors

The Institute for Continuing Learning is constantly seeking and in need of good instructors who are willing to share their experience and expertise with our membership. There are no “requirements” for teaching credentials or past experience. If you have a passion for any particular subject and would like to tell others about it, please join us! We are open to any and all subject matter. From literature to parlor games; from watercolors to music; from science to Appalachian history, ICL is an open canvas waiting for your own unique brush strokes.   Instructors enjoy wide flexibility in how classes are scheduled. Some classes are taught weekly for one or two hours. Some classes may run only 4 weeks.  If you know a lot about a particular subject and enjoy talking about it please consider joining the team.  

Cy Sineath, Curriculum Chair

Classroom/Office Address:

862 Main St, Young Harris




Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 134

Young Harris, GA 30582

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